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RPSI Sport Ponies

Many people don't realize that the RPSI inspects and brands sport ponies too. Big movement and talent can come in small packages too... German Riding Ponies measure between 13.2 hh - 14.2 hh (138 cm - 148 cm). The breeding goal for RPSI sport ponies calls for elegant, big-framed and harmonious conformation, more a riding pony type than other pony breeds, with a small, well-defined and noble head. Basic paces should be horse-like, showing impulsion, elasticity, ground-cover and balance, and an uphill-moving forehand with a freely moving shoulder.

Pony breeds accepted into the RPSI pony stud books include German and other national Riding Ponies, such as the British, French, Austrian and Swiss; Welsh sections B, C and D, Connemara, New Forest Pony, as well as small warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, Arabians, and Anglo-Arabians. Stallions may be graded into Pony Stud Book I (Approved) or II (Recorded), depending on scores, performance results and pedigree.

A Short History of the German Riding Pony

The Germans have been breeding and campaigning these little dressage dynamos for the past 45 years, and slowly, American breeders and riders are starting to follow suit.

In Germany, the development of the German Riding Pony began nearly 50 years ago, due to the need for a large pony with the athleticism and temperament for children to compete with at a national and international level.

But developing a riding pony breed with horse-like movement, pony character and size, and talent for the highest levels of competition was no easy task. 50 years ago in Germany the word pony was nearly synonymous with Shetland, according to Bernhard Tschoepke, former judge, breeder of Welsh Cobs and honorary member of the PRPS verband in Germany. More...

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